The technology of the web changes by leaps and bounds daily and continues to accelerate. Smart businesses are learning to be more adept at navigating this ever-changing landscape, brainstorming and implementing new and innovative ways to leverage technological advances. It’s a lightning paced adventure for small business owners and big brands alike.
This week, Lorraine and Jarred discuss a few of the ways the web is expected to expand in 2014. They visit pivotal talking points dreamed up at a recent national conference for digital business owners. What will the web look like just five years from now?
You’ll have to listen to find out!


  • Customization is the word. Users are more comfortable with and often expect a personalized digital experience.
  • Accessibility is the law of the land and a huge proponent of web growth- make sure your web copy and layout is 508 compliant.
  • Convergent media already exists in our living rooms. Our TVs, computers, and mobile applications are moving towards one central control area.

More than a Few Words is a marketing podcast produced by Roundpeg