“Take the Keys”

episode #675 – JANUARY 16, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Do you have your website keys?  These are the passwords and access tools to control your site. 

the episode

If I asked you where the keys to your house were, might take you a minute, if you’re a little bit like me and put him down somewhere in the house, but within a minute or two, you’d know where your keys were. Why? Because it’s important that you protect your home by locking your doors and having a set of keys with you.

The same is true for your website, you need to know where the keys are to your website. And the keys are your domain name and your hosting passwords. Often I talk to business owners who can’t answer that question. They’re like, Well, my web designers god, my hosting, and they have my password, so I don’t need them. Yes, you do. Because what happens to your business if your web designer gets hit by a bus?

That’s a little gruesome, but the truth is that your business success should not be tied to them. You need to own your domain. You need to be responsible for renewing it annually or every two years or or automatically to your credit card. So you own it. It’s an important business asset. You need to have the passwords so you can log into your hosting account. Even if you never do you need to have the master keys. You can work with a professional web developer, but as a business owner, this is your website, then you need to own it.


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