“Welcome Visitors to Your Website”

episode #499 – July 12, 2020

GUEST: Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg | Digital Toolbox

Do website visitors feel welcome? Keeping your website up-to-date and using fresh content is not just an exercise.  

the episode

Today, I want to start with a simple question. Is your website ready for company? Think about when you invite guests over to your home, you take a little time to clean up, dust, polish, put things where they need to be, you make sure your refrigerator is well stocked, and you have clean plates and silverware.

Well, when you bring visitors to your website, you need to do the same thing. You need to take time on a regular basis to make sure that the site is well organized, that you’ve got fresh content (new information) for people to browse and not that same stale stuff that you’ve had forever.

Take time to clean up your code. Make sure you have new pictures and new resources as people come to your website. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Update your website frequently to attract and welcome visitors to your site.

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