More than a Few Words – Episode: 362

What it takes to make an idea succeed

January 11, 2019

This week we spoke to Chris Hoyt who believes we are living in an era of unprecedented innovation.


Lorraine Ball



About Chris Hoyt


Chris “The Brain” Hoyt helps smart people succeed in a stupid world.

He is the founder and ongoing mentor with Apprenace, which develops and manages team-building internship programs for organizations of all kinds. Apprenace programs become the #1 source of new employees for our clients, and is a proven track record of kick-starting students careers in the real world. 

As a consultant with &Marketing, Chris helps organizations identify and communicate their most effective super-powers to their market. &Marketing has a rockstar team of designers, writers, developers, and analysts who can execute business development strategies faster and more affordable than large agencies. 

As an edutainer, Chris gives fun, informative, and slightly offensive talks on marketing, psychology, and stupid business trends. My speeches and seminars are guaranteed to make the audience laugh, think, and walk away questioning their current business habits. 

Why does he call himself a “super-villain”? You can find out here: