When it comes to marketing, it isn’t just what you say, but where you say it. Distribution, where you promote your content can have a big impact on the visibility of your small business. Is your content showing up everywhere it could be online?

In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred talk through the nuances of a content distribution strategy. They explain how social media sharing and blogging only on your own website won’t cut it anymore- you need to be sharing your content in place where your audience regularly visits. They also describe how to research the best distribution channels, directories, or blog exchange opportunities for your brand.

  • Do you have strong relationships with related industries? Ask to publish content on those sites.
  • Figure out where your audience goes to regularly consume news and share your content there.
  • Consider creating “round-up” content to share links to many pieces of your content at once on different sites.

Before you develop a distribution strategy, you need to have a content strategy. Download our free Blog Guide  to get started.
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