Four years ago, we changed our business model. We jumped with both feet into WordPress.  We abandoned all traditional web design products, and we have never looked back.    Wordpress is an ideal platform for a small business websites.  Why?  It allows us to build a robust, professional site which is easy to maintain.  The structure of a WordPress sites presents content in a manner which makes it easy for search engines to identify and index relevant content.
In addition, the software is free. And around the world there are developers writing code for “plug-ins” or accessories for the core WordPress site.  This allows anyone to build in exceptional functionality into their website.  But anyone who has visited the Plugin directory knows there are thousands of choices, and not all of them are worth using.  So how do you choose?
This Wednesday, Jay and I will be talking about some of our favorite wordpress plugins.  The ones we think no small business website should be without.  Do you have questions o a favorite plugin or tip to share?  Post it here, send it to one of us on Twitter or Facebook, or call in during the show at (805) 285 -9865.  Be sure to use the #hashtag  #MTFW on Twitter, so your comments will be a added to our Keepstream below.
The call will be live from 10:30 – 11:00 on Wednesday, June 15th. You will be able to listen to the program from my station on And  if the time is not convenient for you, listen to the recorded program from the player below or from our iTunes channel.
So, I hope you will join us, to listen, learn, or share!

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