When people hear the word intern, they usually think about fresh-faced young college students. At Roundpeg, we’ve been lucky to have several wonderful non-traditional interns from all walks of life who have wanted to start over or sharpen their skills. Turns out it’s not just us: nontraditional interns are becoming commonplace across the country.
The growth of non-traditional interns was the subject of an interview on NPR Marketplace evening report, on Thursday, August 8.  Sean Cole interview me, and Jennifer Riley Simone, our amazing former PR and social media intern. If you missed a chance to hear the program live, you can still listen to it here:
If you are wondering what a Rounpdeg internship is really like, check out the podcast Jay and our interns made a few weeks ago. And if we have caught your attention, and you think you would be a good candidate for a Roundpeg internship – you can read more about our opportunities here: