“Attracting the Right Job Candidates”

episode #466 – APRIL 1, 2020

GUEST: Lisa K. McDonald | Career Polish

Frustrated because you aren’t attracting the right candidates? Change how you are presenting  your company. Listen now!

the episode

Are you looking to expand your organization? If its a struggle to find qualified candidates, you might need to change your focus.

Typically the focus is on the candidate. The hiring company tells them to change their approach, resume, writing style, and exceptions to meet the company’s needs. In today’s competitive job market, however, it is often the company that needs to change.

Before you look externally, you need to look internally to see what image you are  projecting. If your brand image in the market is lackluster and generic you are likely to get a lot of resumes that are lackluster and generic as well, because “like attracts like.”

KEY TAKEAWAY: If you’re having trouble attracting great resumes, you might want to start with your own corporate resume.

our guest lisa k. mcdonald

​Lisa k. McDonald is an award winning resume writer and career success coach.

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