“SEO in 2022-It is about Content”

episode #703 –  March 31, 2022

GUEST: Ryan Morgan

These days you don’t go to Google with keywords, you go to Google with questions. 

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It would be great if the rules of SEO would remain constant.  Unfortunately, SEO like most of your digital marketing is constantly evolving, as the technology evolves.  In this episode, Ryan Morgan, founder of the digital consultancy swell, Digital and an SEO training program called The SEO Cohort talks about the latest SEO trends

These days, search doesn’t begin with keywords.  It starts with a question. Ryan believes the companies that will come out on top are the ones with websites that do the best job of answering those questions


our guest Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is a 15+ year digital marketing expert with a focus on SEO. He has led organizational and agency digital teams and has a history of driving growth for organizations using SEO.

He currently operates a digital consultancy called swell Digital and an SEO training program called The SEO Cohort.

Ryan was formerly the Director, Brand + Digital Strategy at ignite, and the Vice President, Digital Marketing at Aztek, two leading agencies for digital marketing.


Ryan Morgan

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