Generate Leads with LinkedIn

episode #579-  April 2, 2021

GUEST: Susan MacConnell | Diversified Sales Solutions

Want to generate more leads from LinkedIn? Focus on quality conversations with the right people. 

the episode

When it comes to generating leads from LinkedIn, our guest Susan MacConnell thinks most people make several critical mistakes.

1 – Trying to connect with everybody. Instead you should clearly define your target and search for people who match.

2 – Taking the same approach to everyone with a generic greeting message as you reach out. But everyone is different spend a little time to learn something about them and use that piece of information in your initial message

our guest susan macconnell

Susan is a LinkedIn & sales performance coach & CEO The Client Hunter and President of Diversified Sales Solutions and Smarketing CONNECT. She is the go-to expert for professionals, who are looking for an efficient and customized way to acquire more premium clients and referral partners without being spammy gross or plain to salesy.

Susan’s sales career spans over 20 years and she was an early adopter of LinkedIn, when it was easy to find prospects. She has continued to grow her network and client base successfully over the years and has recently noticed that LinkedIn is experiencing massive amounts of inappropriate connection requests, Inmails, messages, spam messages and many time wasters. Susan has still found a way to effectively build clients and referral partners and she has developed a prospecting plan that she teaches to others. She trains professionals on LinkedIn prospecting methods that help many learn to be efficient and successful on LinkedIn. She helps her clients share their expertise and grow their business on LinkedIn by leaps & bounds with high-paying corporate and individual clients.

Susan MacConnell

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