While the rules for stellar marketing apply to all industries, there are nuances. And some tactics simply work better in certain industries.  This week we looked at marketing and social media tactics in the  fitness industry.
Even if you missed the live conversation, you can listen to the perspectives of two fitness marketing experts Drew Larison and Marcia Erne.
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About our guests:

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 People say business isn’t personal. Drew Larison says those people are wrong. Business should be the most personal thing in the world, and with today’s technology there is no reason not to treat it that way. Drew is Internet Marketing Manager at Kokomo Auto World and co-founder of Kokomo Social Media. Follow him @MrDrewLarison

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Marcia Erne is an ACE Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is co-owner of KnowSweat Workouts, a fitness development company. Along with participating in and teaching Tae-Robics, a high energy kickboxing workout, Marcia and her partners conduct KickStart, a weight loss motivation exercise education class. She also trains in boxing and Sport Karate. Marcia is also a kindergarten teacher, and has developed KidFit, a workout for children that includes cardio, strength training, and stretching. Follow her @MarciaErne, or visit her at www.marciaerne.com.