Startup Weekend is a global movement which brings together aspiring entrepreneurs to share ideas, form teams and most importantly, launch startups. Imagine taking an idea and turning it into a viable company within 54 hours. It can happen! Tune in to this weeks program as we talk with local organizers Jim Bartek and Denver Hutt.
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The call will be live from 10:30 – 11:00 today, Wednesday,  November 16. You will be able to listen to the program from our  station on If you have a question, you will be able to call in: (805) 285-9865.

Listen to the recorded program here:

About our guests:

Hutt Denver
Denver is a startup enthusiast. She serves as the Director of Agent Development at Stringcan, where she educates and trains individuals, develops company marketing plans and website content, and establishes hiring processes and position standards for short and long-term positions. Denver also doubles as the Community Development Manager for IT Martini.

In addition to his role as the Director of Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis. Jim is an experienced member of the organizing committee for Indianpaolis Startup Weekend. He is also a founding member of Seyett, a successful tech startup.

I had a chance to share my Startup experiences at Techpoint’s Innovation Summit. You can see my short presentation here: